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How strong is my paranormal (psychic)
intuition RIGHT NOW?
Music for psychic development
M. Zilbeman, parapsychologist  and  author  of Intuition Tester
personally gifted me the honor of creating this page to support and
encourage his product. I am very pleased to share my diligence in
searching with great detail to quality, the diverse artists that this arena
via the world wide web, brings to us. Below you will find samples of his
music to download to your PC or if you choose to listen in your
browser. I assure equally as I have, you will be quite moved by the
poignance and grace with melodic brilliance. The vibrational quality
penetrates your soul as it massages your psyche to envelope more.  
In addition with the purchase of the  Intuition Tester  there is an
opportunity for you to have the compilation of all nine pieces to his
...Enjoy !!!
Please note: all these compositions are
copyrighted property.You may
download them to your computer and
listen as often as you want for free. But
you may NOT duplicate, copy,
re-record, sell, rent, give away, post on
the Internet or alter them in any way.)
Depending on your computer operating system and your .mp3 player
you will need to:

a. Left-click the composition you want to preview.

b. Right-click the composition, select "Save Target As..." menu item,
 download track to your PC and play with .mp3 player.
FREE preview of "Starry Room" tracks
Ave Maria (format - .mp3, size - 5.6 MB)

Andante "Love" (format - .mp3, size - 7.0 MB)

Theme (format - .mp3, size - 2.7 MB)
If you want to purchase complete "Starry Room" album (9
compositions, ~45 minutes of music) please contact
The music on the album "Starry Room" is addressed to people who
want to develop their imagination and psychic abilities, and who value
the beauty of nature, music, and humanity.
Align yourself with your soul print ENJOY ~ GROW ~ LEARN  ~ HEAL