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In order to truly harness ones full potential in this physical world, we must raise our vibration. Our souls intention is to raise the consciousness of energy in and all around us. This may entail but not be limited by most every relationship we engage in. Very simply, the clerk in a retail store would also be included with this scenario. For you see, the act of conversation is in fact a form of a relationship. To have a relationship one must be engaged in relating or to be in relation with another, hence the word relationship.

From the interaction we have with others,a fundamental concept is arrived at through a reflective quality we term as mirroring. In order to comprehend fully this ideal we must look more deeply at how we interact with others. If you were to take an inventory of all the relationships you have had in your life it may take you endless hours of reflection.

However, it would benefit you to review more closely the essential ones you have had. The ones that made the most significant impact upon the development of your growth, usually are the most intimate. Equal to the depth of intimacy, the strength of their influence is intently felt. Our parents, teachers, coaches, professors, best friends, and worst enemies are among the strongest of example.

Upon the reflection of each of these connections you will begin to discover quite clearly the similarities in the somatics of a silent language. This language defines or skews the image we hold of ourselves. It is noted repeatedly throughout our lives that it is by human nature that we copy what we are shown. It will not necessarily promise to be a functional pattern. In fact, to the contrary, it usually is the foundation to perpetuate further dysfunction.

Healing comes in many guises in the most synchronistic way. When I look into the mirror, I see myself. Symbolically when the mirror is another person, and I can truly be honest with myself, the reflection I see still remains to be a projection of me.

When I am able to admit that what I see in another,  is in fact  my own faults; my own dreams; my own vices; my own hopes; my own desires, and usually most everything I may have a disdain for. One piece of evidence that will stand out above our positive virtues of self that is a predominate quality, are the very things we dislike in another. This is the arena that opens up the avenue to heal. We cannot feel comfortable in this arena unless we have risen beyond the denial of actualizing the very mirror we reflect toward others. In other words, as I see in you an ideal, concept or belief that I may not fully agree with, upon further dissection, somewhere I harbor this same pattern.

With the recognition of these patterns we can begin to unlayer the experience to eliminate the very faulty patterns that no longer serve us in relationships or otherwise in our life. The very process of this may be arduous and emotionally painful for those in which resistance is a familial pattern ingrained. For others, the process can be quite liberating and totally cathartic to the ever evolving most basic human need.

It is the strongest most elemental desire in our society to cultivate relationships with others ideally to embrace love, being and giving. There is no real self without its reflection. It is the hope that the reflection becomes one of a higher vibrational function. Most often this function is impaired and leaves most with the empty longing of being in relation to another. It is in the area of the negative mirror reflection that we continue to draw to us the very same patterns hence forth we wish to heal.

It is when I project from within myself the highest vibration of self, fully actualized, functional and whole, that I draw to me others alike.  The goal is to reflect from within love, expend that energy out, the reflective energy that returns,is a component to that love. It is the I in you that I see and the you in me I project.......The Mirror of Our Duality The protection of compartmentalization interferes with our development into becoming whole, loving and fulfilled humans. Our compartmentalization attracts relationships that exacerbate our issues, and creates ongoing conflicts in our lives.

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"We discover in ourselves what others hide from us and we recognize in others what we hide from ourselves."
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Life as a mirror

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
© C.G. Jung