Interfere Love-fully
One of the deepest habits we learn is interfering in others' lives. Even if we
are not actively interfering there is a good chance it's happening in our
heads. Then, when people don't do what we want them to do, which is usually
all the time, our ability to relax is non existent. If you want to interfere
successfully in someone else's life, try this loveful approach. It begins with
acceptance, continues with acknowledgement, is empowered by appreciation
and ends in actualisation. Only in this way can we help others be all that they
can possibly be, and what else is life for, but to help others to be all that they
can be. Only by making love practical in this way, can we heal our own habits
of criticism, envy and blame. Accept, acknowledge and appreciate. It doesn't
mean you have to agree, comply or condone. The paradox is that we
ourselves will receive the same in the process, not only from ourselves, as we
become what we give, but from others along the way. Why?  It's the law!  

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