I am a Natural Channel,
Clairvoyant, Clairsentient,Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Empath,
Metaphysical Spiritual Teacher

The information that I channel is from a spiritual counsel and your soul.
Collectively they formulate pictures for me to see, feelings to feel, and
information to sense. I am proficient with energy blocks and communication
in relationships. I often have remote viewing videos in my sleep and have
seen global atrocitiesbefore they occur. I can assist you in raising your
vibration to attain a greater knowledge of your soul path and teach you the
tools to align yourself to optimize your life in balance.

I am a visionary ; one of the pioneers in human to soul development.

Within the course of our life's journey,  we navigate through the arena of
established patterns. The patterns are supported by criteria that we choose
to live with. The perimeters of this foundation were built based upon our  
understanding of life and the universe. The understanding is that something
profound grows through us, and projects beyond us, as it presents an
epiphany of truth. If we can grasp one percent of that energy,the seed of
universal knowledge is planted, wehave but to nourish it.

The vehicle that drives us through these patterns is our physical body. The
tools in which to operate this body is through mental imagery and emotional
assimilation. From the moment of birth on Earth, we seek to find that
connection to our higher self, and God. This is achieved as we come to
know the guidance from our over-soul. As we aspire to evolve,  the soul
needs nourished. The projection of thought guides and gives direction to
what we choose to create.

Thus, we birth the new patterns of vibration.

There is a shadow and there is a light. The shadow is the ego, the light is
the soul. It is the integration of the two that makes us whole.
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