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Recognizing Grief

Do you think of your food as medicine for health and healing?
Are you seeking your spiritual soulmate?
This 30-day Self-Healing Expressions e-mail course guides you towards
clarity about the love you desire,
as well as, provides many spiritual tools to draw in your beloved.
  • Evaluate and be guided on how to liberate yourself for new love
    by releasing past relationships.
  • Learn an alternative approach towards love,
    while examining the traits you value in your "ideal" mate -- from
    the physical, to the practical, to the spiritual.
  • Deeply explore your preference on issues such as living habits,
    religion, work styles, finances, compatibility, commitment, and
    personality -- to name a few.
  • And learn meditations, affirmations and prayers for drawing
    in your soulful love.
Ultimately, you will gain clarity on many issues you probably hadn't
considered before. Finally, in a surprisingly simple manner, pull together this newfound clarity to create your own personalized
Romantic Resume -
thereby planting the seeds for the romance of a lifetime.
The First Year of Grief:
Help for the Journey

Understand the nature of grief and its potential impact on all aspects of your life: physical, financial, emotional,social and spiritual, through this Self-Healing Expressions e-mail course.
  • Find information on practical matters such as making difficult lifestyle adjustments (in finances, retirement,housing, etc.)
  • Find support and guidance in dealing with different grieving
    patterns in your family and ways to minimize stress in your life.
  • Be guided through the emotional upheaval of grief,and come to a better understanding of the shock, disbelief, confusion, fear, anger, guilt, sorrow, loneliness, mystical experiences and spiritual reactions that are commonly experienced in loss.
  • Learn ways to manage your own reactions, including how to identify and establish a support system and how to cope with the upsets, set-backs and
    aftershocks that accompany normal grief.
  • Finally, reflect upon and evaluate your progress as you move from surviving toward transcending
    your grief.
Attract Love
Star Shine
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